Paid Url Inclusion

You can find paid inclusion in high-ranking results through search engine searches of various online search engines. This means, that for an annual fee your web page URL is included in that search engines online index.

The Search Engine Spiders.

All online search engines have automated programming for indexing all the online web pages it detects. This programming is spider, it detects, and indexes free. This means that eventually the search engines spiders will find your web page and index it as long as the spider detects a link to your web page, whether you pay for it or not. The question is however, how quickly your web page will reach indexing.

Search engines offers paid URL inclusion using extra spider programming for indexing specific web pages for a fee. The only difference between these two spiders is speed of indexing. When you use paid URL inclusion, the search engine spider indexes your web page instantly.

You may wonder about the fee for paid URL inclusion. What it all boils down too is the time it takes for your web page to reach search engine indexing. The common spider will find your web page eventually for no fee, so why invest in a renewal fee. Paid URL inclusion fee keeps your web page in the index of that particular search engine. Paid inclusion will drive noticeable traffic to your website by the next time to make payment. Some search engines remove you from their index within a certain period.

There is nothing puzzling about it. Eventually, a spider finds you and indexes your page and it costs you nothing. Paid inclusion just offers you a better than average curve of attracting online traffic to your web page for a fee. You just need to sum up the pros and cons to determine whether you want to pay it or not.

The advantages.

The advantages of paid inclusion are speed prompt inclusion and prompt re-indexing. After paying the fee the search engines indexes your web page and shortly afterwards your page is included in the search results. The time difference between the common spider and the paid inclusion spider is the difference between one or two days and a matter of months. Keep in mind, if there are no incoming links to your web pages, the common spider may never detect it.

Paid inclusion spiders return to your web pages often, some daily. You can take advantage of this by updating your site continually to improve your search engine ranking. Your results may show up for days when you use the paid URL inclusion spider.

The Disadvantages.

The disadvantage is the fee price, annual fee or renewal fees. For instance, Fast/Lycos paid URL inclusion fee is $170, AltaVista paid URL inclusion fee is $600. Their renewal fees vary as well. You should consider your business budget before deciding which to use.

Another vital disadvantage is that paid URL inclusion has a limited reach, since Google, Yahoo and MSN, the largest online search engines do not offer paid inclusion spiders. The search engines you choose for a paid inclusion account amounts to only a fraction of the internet traffic you can reach daily.

You cannot speed up this process, since Google does a monthly update on indexing. This means, no matter how many other search engines you pay to update their index daily, you still have to wait for Google spider indexing for your new web pages. 

You should know that your pages would only show up in Google or AOL search engine results after Google updates their index.

Some Universal Factors.

You must consider some universal factors before determining whether your company will benefit from paid URL inclusion. First, you need to know if your web pages are in the search engine index. You can do this by entering keywords or keyword phrases into the search engine, search function that appears on your web pages. However, you can enter your URL in quotes. If your URL appears when you enter your URL address but does not appear when you enter keywords or keyword phrases, you will not benefit from paid inclusion, since your web pages are already ranking in the index, because of the common spider. Therefore, you can spend your money updating your website to improve your search engine rankings. After you do that, you can then reconsider using paid inclusion to speed up the arrival of more spiders.

To determine whether you will benefit from the investment of using paid URL inclusion is taking an overall viewpoint. What products and services are you selling and how much online traffic do you need to make a profit?

Paid inclusion may not be the best investment for you, if you sell inexpensive products or services that deserve a large amount of targeted traffic. You get the most amount of traffic from the big name search engines and you do not have to pay for it. In contrast, when you provide an expensive product or service you will need a particular amount of quality traffic to your website, you will most likely benefit from using paid URL inclusion.

Another factor is how frequently you update your pages. Paid inclusion ensures new web page indexing fast and often, when you change your content on a daily or weekly basis. Paid spiders index the new content and then enter new relevant keywords or keyword phrases in their search engines. Paid inclusion guarantees timely indexing of your web pages

Are your website pages dynamically generated? Common spiders find it difficult to detect and index these types of pages. A paid inclusion spider will index the most important pages of a dynamically generated website as soon as possible.

Common spider programming will drop pages for the search engine, however, within a few months the reappear. There are various reasons this happens, however with paid URL inclusion you avoid the probability. Paid URL inclusion guarantees the indexing of your website and if it inadvertently drops your site, the search engine looks for it immediately.

When it involves paid URL inclusion, there are various factors to consider. Depending upon your circumstances, it can be an invaluable business investment. To determine whether paid URL inclusion is a wise business investment for you, take the time to evaluate the needs of your business and your website.