Pay Per Click

When you are in the process of putting together a successful business online, you'll find that one that you cannot ignore is Pay Per Click marketing. Pay per click marketing, also known as PPC, a type of online advertising where you can make sure that you only pay when people actually come to your site. 

When you contrast this with more traditional modes of advertising, where the number of people who see your advertisement but simply don't care, it can be seen that pay per click can be a great way to maximize your budget as well as reach the largest amount of people possible.

How It Works

Essentially, in pay per click marketing, you will put your ad up on a site or hosting service. Then, whenever anyone from that site clicks the link that goes to your business's homepage, you will pay the host a certain amount of money, usually in the range of a few cents.


You can really make sure that the pay per click ads reaches the people that you want to reach. The best example of this is the Google Ad Words venue. With Ad Words, your link will show up when specific searches are done. For instance, if you sell dog grooming supplies, you will choose phrases like "dog brush" or "dog grooming supplies" is searched. With this utility, you will be able to have your ad put in front of people are deliberately searching for what you have to offer.

Ease of Implementation

Pay per click is extremely easy to get started. Many sites can get you signed up in a matter of hours, and once signed up; you'll be able to design your keywords, ads and links. Furthermore, pay per click advertising often allows you to change your ad according to marketing demands, new information or new budgets almost instantaneously. You'll find that you can limit the amount of money that you spend in a day by setting a budget of how many times you want your ad clicked, ensuring that your advertising budget remains squarely in your hands.


One of the best things about pay per click advertising is that you will always know exactly what is coming in and when. You can match the number of people who come to your site using the pay per click advertising with how many sales you receive on a given day, and you'll also be able to compare numbers to see how well certain links and ads are working. If you find that an ad is not working as well as you hoped, you can change it immediately. One common mistake that people who are starting out with pay per click advertising will make is that they will make their ads too general, bringing in people who are only marginally interested in what they provide.


Pay per click advertising has been shown to be an effective form of advertising throughout the online business market. When combined with search engine marketing, it will give you a solid coverage of your chosen demographic, allowing you to reach prospective people who are interested in your services might not yet know of your business. 

Make sure that you don't miss out on this powerful and effective web advertising tool!