Cost Per Action

CPA, or "cost per action" or "cost per acquisition", is one of the most exciting ways for affiliate marketers on the Internet to make great money for themselves. CPA affiliates will pay you commissions for every sale you bring them. This is a form of affiliate marketing in which affiliates can Pocket a commission without necessarily having to refer an actual sale.

Get Paid For An Action.

With the CPA system, an advertiser only pays for the ad when an action has occurred. This action may be a product being purchased, a splash page being visited, and so on, as determined by the advertiser. Google incorporated this model into its Google AdSense, which took the Internet by storm in the year 2000.

Stop Shooting In The Dark.

There is the old marketing and advertising manager's dilemma that goes, "I know that I'm wasting half of my marketing budget. The trouble is, I have no idea which half!" How much does it cost you to get a visitor to take a specific action beyond just clicking around in your website?

CPA advertising, in conjunction with proper testing and tracking of ads, puts an end to shooting in the dark. Business owners, especially those who are operating exclusively online, love CPA because they are enabled to cleanly figure out how much it costs them to get a lead, and how much it costs them to get an actual sale. Cost Per Action (CPA) is expressed here as a monetary value. So, if you owned a business and you had made 12 sales and you had to pay for the clicks on 120 of your ads to get them, your CPA is 10.

Simplicity is The Key

CPA can be ideal for those who offer products or services that cost at least $50. CPA is also simplicity itself if you want to jump in the game and profit from it through affiliate marketing. To implement CPA on your website, you sign up with a CPA network, such as Google's AdWords. This will allow you to feature ads on your website, blog, etc. It costs you not one penny to do this and you can control what kinds of ads appear on your site (depending on the content that you place on your site) as well as how many ads appear in a block, how large they are, and where they are located on your site.

Every time one of the CPA ads that appears on your site gets clicked, you will receive a commission. This commission will not be large, but if you get a lot of traffic you will soon see all those pennies adding up into dollars, and dollars adding up into hundreds, and hundreds adding up into a sweet bank account.

Keep on Adding Content.

To get plenty of CPA action, you have to keep adding constant content to your website or blog so that you attract a wide readership. By placing links to your site at forums and social networking sites, and by using smart SEO techniques, you can build yourself a loyal and ever-growing visitor ship and build that CPA affiliate bank.