Display Advertising

Display Advertising is a form of advertising that uses graphics such as logos, banners, pictures, maps, photos, and other items. Static and animated pages are used for display advertising in addition to audio and video elements.

However, not all display ads include video, images, and audio. Ads that don’t include the interaction are usually for mobile device users.

Display advertising is not limited to the Internet.

This form of advertising is often used in most newspapers and magazines too. Interactive display advertising is confined to the Internet because it usually contains audio and video clips which cannot be displayed in a magazine.

When display advertising is used in a periodical, it might be on the same page or adjacent to the general editorial content. Specialized sections of periodicals also include display advertising. You don’t see display advertising in classified ads because they are set up distinctly as a text only section. This section is usually limited to a specific typeface.

The format rules for display advertising

The format of display advertising follows a few simple rules. It is divided by spaces sized 1/15 page. There are many combinations possible following this size. The advertising is usually classified by the different sizes, types, order source, colour, and the different sections of the paper or space the ad will run.

When people order display advertising on the internet or in a paper the orders are credited to a sales representative. The billing rate is usually based on a cost per thousand or a CPM, which is in respect to the Interactive Advertising Bureau standards.

Display advertising is used to generate traffic to websites.

This means the ads are usually placed in areas of high visibility and in targeted areas. Big name brands use these targeting efforts along with demographically targeted audiences.

When people surf the Internet, the display ads they see are usually the ads displaying pictures on banners and on the side of a website. Google is known as the icon on the web for advertising. However, they haven’t mastered online advertising in its entirety. One website that thousands of Canadians visit everyday to shop for and buy products is the Shoptoit.ca, which is a good example of display advertising.

Google has dominated the display advertising market with their AdWords campaign. Yahoo strives to rule this market and take the lead. Yahoo has improved efforts with their display ad campaign by signing with Blue Lithium and Right Media. Yahoo also has partners with eBay and Comcast which is helping their efforts to forge ahead of Google in the display advertising market.

Display advertising is up by 8%.

If you are interested in display advertising then you can find providers like Yahoo, Google, and many more businesses. This is an excellent way to launch an advertising campaign for your business.

Display advertising traditionally appears in magazines and newspapers across the world. Today, you can include interactive display advertising campaigns to your sites that have audio and video also. 

The internet has allowed for advertising not to be limited anymore to static ads. People can now click on the ad and find out even more about the business or the ad. In addition, there is a lot of money to be made with display advertising if you target the right audiences.