Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal links are two-way links between your site and other related websites. It is one of the best free promoting methods online. Both sites will be able to benefit from the reciprocal link and it must form part of your promotion strategy.

Take It Slow.

Do not add to many links at once. It will look like link spamming. New links must be added at most two a week to get you the search engines respect. Search engines determine your sites popularity by the total number of related reciprocal links from and to your web site.

Free Method.

By using reciprocal links your site can be reach through links on other related websites. You will not only depend on search engines or directory services for online web page traffic.

Higher Recognition

Your site will gain higher recognition by Google , Yahoo and MSN than your online competitors that do not use two-way related linking. Home page links will be more valuable. A hundred link maximum on a web page is advised by Google.

The Reciprocal Link Method Example.

There is two sites involve

SITE-A - is your website about online affiliate marketing.
SITE-B - is a a related website about marketing

The Steps to follow:

Note - Monitor these links and remove links that were removed by your partners.

I hope this help you in setting up your reciprocal links. Remember any free advertising do not cost you anything.

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