Affiliate story Part 1

This is my affiliate story. Take a minute or two and read it, maybe there is something to gain from it. I start writing this article purely out of frustration. It's not writers block, the lack of contents, the lack of money, the lack of ideas or even the lack of resources. NO, it is the frustration of creating a web page, so unique that it will let you feel at home. Yes, I want to create a new trend, a new way of writing my articles to let you feel at home.I am not offering unique advice. That you will find on the guru's of affiliate marketing sites. I will supply you with my own affiliate story regarding mishaps and successes in setting up an online business.

Where it All Started

December 17, 2007 was the day it all started. It was the first day of my December leave and I was planning to spend it at home, plunging away on one or other RPG game. On the side, I was stuck with my current diet that forces me to eat lots of veggies and proteins. Preparing food is not one of my specialties.Now where did it start, was it between losing money with my online gambling, losing a big hand at online poker, searching for new pictures of favorite celebrities? NO, it was when I realize that the leads I acquire for my online e-lottery site was not generating enough subscriptions. I started with a simple search for leads on one of the major search engines. After working though the result prospects I end up with 5000 leads that I have bought from a lead supplying company.

That was my first mistake. If you buy, leads make sure you know how to use them. You cannot start sending e-mails to them and expect they will come flocking to join your affiliate sites. How can they trust you, a total stranger? There are rules to follow in this wide world of WWW.

Rule Number One: Do not spam.

I hate spam mail. 90 % to 95% of my email is spam e-mail. Believe me, I have tried all resource to rid me of this junk, too no avail. Do not even try to unregister from an unreliable spam email. The spamming will only increase.So lesson number one, do not send an e-mail to people without their consent. Register with a different e-mail if possible for each registration to trace the spammers. Take this tip from affiliate story it might safe you a lot of frustration. OK, Lets continue. I was sitting with 5000 paid leads that were of no use to me. I decide to written them of as a lost case and search for some new ideas. One of the websites actually caught my EYE. "MLM RENEGADE marketing". After reading the two free E-books, I end up buying my first marketable product. This was mistake number two. To buy a product I did not need.

You must take note the WEB is the correct description for WWW. There is spiders sitting in this web waiting for the next compulsive buyer. All of them will show you this mighty, smart, cheap, must have and cannot go without product. The only thought behind that is to draw you in and milk your last few coins from you. I am not saying the products are not worth it. The product is worth it if you need it and can use it to support your goals, not theirs.

Rule Number Two: Do not buy a product if you do not need it.

I have bought many products that I do not need. They have value, but are not supporting my initial goals. You can get so side tract, that after a month of trying to use the product ideas and tools, you will give up the chase. Buy it, only if you need it and after you have investigated the product. If a product does not supply you enough information like a demo or trail period leave it alone, try something else. There is millions of sites online, find the one product for your need.Let this affiliate story lend you a hand with your online business.

I always thought that there are some geniuses out there creating website. I thought it must be out of my range. How wrong from me. When I was reading my first product MLM Renegade Marketing , I found a link to a website hosting company SBI. SBI stands for SITE BUILD IT. That was the beginning of my WEB journey. I can tell you this was my best buy until date. SBI is my first recommendation for any person wanting to create an online web site. No knowledge required. They will lead you from your baby steps with advice and tools. I must acknowledge that I have fallen in love with the voice of the women trainer on the training videos.

WHAT A GREAT PRODUCT. Watch the SBI videos.

The Affiliate Story Part 2 will follow soon, Be free. Until next time