Text Based Advertising

Taking into account all of the different types of advertising available, text based advertising has shown that it is more effective. Text based advertisements are cheap as well as simple to create. They take up very little space and can be placed on sites that have high volumes of related traffic.

For this reason, text based advertising makes it extremely simple to get your web site noticed for a relatively small monetary investment. Text based advertisements also get recognized by the search engines as well as link directly to your web site. You have the choice of purchasing space on highly popular web sites with a high page rank or participating in the very popular contextual ad programs. These are commonly known as pay per click (PPC) advertisements.

Text based advertising is purchased on a "per view" or impression basis. Much like banner ads only with an auction based pricing system similar to a keyword bid. The difference is that your text ad is keyword centric and is much more effective than a banner impression. This auction pricing basis makes the cost VERY affordable.

Aside from the auction based pricing, there are sites that offer permanent text links for a monthly service fee. Some of these fees are as little as $50 a month for unlimited impressions with an ROI (return on investment) that is unbelievable.

In addition to the affordability of text based advertising, there are some very good benefits to using it as well. Here are three to consider:

Permanent text based advertising is…..well, permanent

Text based advertising is available on many websites and takes various forms. Some web sites offer a text based ad for a flat fee per month. You can receive unlimited numbers of visitors actually clicking through your link and visiting your site. The drawback is the fee at month's end to keep that link active.

Other web sites will keep your link active for the life of their web site for a single, one time fee. This fee can be less than a dollar ($1) for a keyword centric text based advertisement that points back to your web site for years.

Help your search engine ranking

As mentioned above, text based ads are recognized by the search engines. If you purchase space on a highly ranked site, your ranking follows suit. What happens is that more people see your ad and that raises your click through ratio. More clicks mean more relevancy which, in turn, means higher rank for you.

VERY affordable

Depending on the method you decide to use, text based ads are usually very affordable. A permanent one time pay may seem expensive up front, but remember that there is no monthly fee to contend with. If you look hard enough, you can find text based advertising links that are unbelievably cheap and they work!

Text based advertising is the new wave of Internet marketing advertising. Even at the low investment cost, text based advertising is the best option for the small web site owner and has the highest ROI you could hope for.