Search Engine Ranking methods

Follow these easy Search Engine Optimization strategies to improve your search engine rankings.

Rewrite your URL (anchor) tags.

Well anchor tags (the text between the http: and /a tags) reinforce the message and keywords of your site.

Post in forums.

Use forums to post your comments and include your website as reference. This will create that much needed one way links to your site.

List your Site on as many search engines as possible.

Use the Free search engines to promote your site to the world. Although Google and Yahoo got the biggest part of the searching market there is thousands of smaller search operators that will welcome you with open arms.

List in the Directories.

The directories differ from the search engines in method and appearance. Find the higher ranking directories and get listed.

Check your Html Code and links.

Give the robots links with destinations to follow. Give them clean correct html code and earn higher rankings.

Get More links to your site.

Find links for your web site that is relevant and at least the same page rank as you.

Use your keywords in the filenames.

Use your keywords as your web page file name. Describe the content and include the keywords.

Use your keywords in the Title Tags.

Use your keywords in the title tags that can include hundred characters.

Use keywords in the ALT tags.

Search robots see only code. By giving your ALT tags keyword rich and descriptive content you ensure high marks from the robots.