Website Traffic 10 Rules

Website traffic is the main purpose of any website. Without the generation of target visitors to your website, you will not gain new visitors and will not make an online income. Use the search engines to bring new targeted traffic to your site. This is the the least expensive and the easiest way to start your business.

Your site must follow the following guidelines to increase your search engine position and help you drive more targeted traffic to your site.

Quality assured you web site.

Ensure that the url's of the links and graphics of your web site is pointing to existing links and graphics. Spell and html check your web site. Show your visitor professionalism and care.

Hiding words and keywords.

To spam your article and web page with keywords that is the same colour as the background to hide it from your visitor is a real popularity killer. The search engines will pick it up and you will get penalize.

Your Site Must Relate to your Keywords.

The web page information must be related to that page keyword. It will build trust with your visitor and increase your value at the search engines.

Do not Duplicate other peoples words.

Duplicate contents will harm your online reputation. The search engines use algorithms and method to detect duplication. They can even remove your site from their search environments.

Supply value for your visitor.

Do not publish junk and expect any recognition. The visitors take time to come and visit your site to learn regarding different issues. You will only disgust them if the site is irrelevant to his search query.

Graphic keywords.

If the graphic description is irrelevant to graphic the search engines will penalize your site. Use descriptive graphics that is related.

Small fonts.

Do set the font of your spamming keywords so small that it can not be seen by you visitor. It will be picked up by the search engines.

Learn the Search Engines rules.

Not all the search engines use the same set of rules. Take time and study there rules to maximize your ex poser.

Web hosting.

Choose your web host carefully. Some search engines ignore listing free hosting websites.

Use synonyms and do not overuse the keywords.

Do not spam your keyword on the page, use it in the first sentence , the middle and the bottom of your web page. Replace it with possible synonyms that will make your page more valuable for the search engines.

If you follow the above guidelines you will start to open the door for your targeted website traffic.

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